Moonstones Cheats in Spirit Lords iPhone

Kabam has come to the apple store along with their newest game, Spirit Lords as an amazing new RPG where you will be tasked to discover the secrets of a long forgotten past and collect powerful spirits and an unique power that you can use to beat the enemies in each stage.

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Along the game, you will take a role as an explorer to investigate the ruins and mythology of the old Empire and to uncover a new land, fighting against fantastic monsters and dig up treasures in the ruins of past civilizations.

Early on this game, you can select the Story Quest, then you can change the difficulty to easy.
And, Story Mode dungeons can only be played once in that if you complete them, you will not be able to replay them.
Always go for the highest possible difficulty only to give you more loot and experience

Here, upgrading your Spirits to maximum and evolving them will be important
At this point, using the same element type of Spirit for upgrading will earn you an XP bonus.
In line with this, just try to use fire with fire, arcane with arcane, etc so that you will get the most out of your Spirits.

At the beginning of starting a new Dungeon, killing some enemies will spawn Mana or Health vials.
Be sure to get them as soon as they are dropped, or they will not disappear after some time and you can always return to get them.
In accordance with this, you can just leave them behind if you have maxed out health and go back later after taking damage as it will help you a lot in the long run.

This game will allow you to get only 10 pieces of equipment at a time
To make more room for better new equipments, you can sell all the extra pieces of equipment.

Later on, mana and your special attacks recharge after a period of time
And, you can easily wait in between waves of enemies for them to max out and you can go into battle after getting enough mana.

Furthermore, you will also have to level up your heroes that you can do by replaying Side Quests over and over again.
Except leveling your hero, this will also level up your spirits and you can find better equipment and Spirits that will help you complete the game at ease.

You can join a high quality guild once you have the option to unlock it
There, you can start missions with an extra member that gives you a clear advantage

When exploring a dungeon, make sure to break every barrel and box there as they will usually give you extra loot and a shot at better equipment and Spirits.

As usual, this game comes along with currency in form of moonstones that you can use to purchase some rare items that will help you in exploring each area
To get more moonstones, you will have to complete every mission and beat enemies there
Alternatively, you can purchase a bunch of moonstones through iap store


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