Money Rubies Cheat in Mojo Stars iPhone

Cordex will welcome anyone to Mojo City where you will be provided with a chance to be a rockstar
In this game, you will go rush to the epic fights, join a band and beat opponents in PvP

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Here, you will be allowed to select different types of music genres from pop, rock, urban and club
Pop is the distinguished music lovers who are assigned to defend their musical preferences
Meanwhile, rock is the hard fans of loud music and bikes who will not blink in the face of danger
Besides, pop and rock, there is urban genre in that the children of urban jungle know every inch of the city, and they will be fighting off any upstart
And, in the club genre, night dancers of the megalopolis will have to survive from thousands of parties and they will easily deal with any enemy

Once choosing your genre, you will get involved into fights which are determined with following circumstances

Fights are determined by a number of attacks on the other players.
During the fight session, any character will get 1 fight every 30 minutes.
When being in the Drive, VIP card owner will also get a fight in a 6 minutes and common musician in 12 minutes.
Furthermore, purchasing licenses will allow you to do more territory raids.

Every time, you do and activity in this game, you will energy that you need to attack other players and accomplish missions.
VIP card owners will get energy regeneration rate doubled.
You can restore your energy reserve by consuming energetic drink.

This game also features currencies in form of stars, credits, rubies and cash
Stars are your valuable currency that cannot be stolen or raided in which you can purchase few items and services with these stars.
In order to get some stars, you can get them by completing missions and taking part in tournaments.
Also, the can be exchanged for rubies that you can do in the exchange office.
You can also purchase rubies in the bank of Mojo City.

Except stars, you will also have credits that can be earned or stolen by attacking other musicians.
At this point, some robbed credits will come to your personal account which is 5% for general and 10% for VIP card owners.
You can also purchase a hidden stash in the shop and a part of your credits will be unavailable to raiders.

To get some weapons, you can get them in the ship where you are able to purchase a wide variety of items for musicians and fighters.
You can find melee, medium-range, and long-range weapons, various pets, beautiful and useful amulets, and useful studio Items for your studio

In the way of gaining some next levels, you can receive training from the city’s best masters in which individual twining will help you increase your parameters and teach you special abilities.
So just, choose a master and get a training completely for free

On the other side, create your own music band with original name and the best logo then join an existing one.
Anyway, the musicians with band membership may apply for team tournaments so that you will be able to get valuable prizes and rewards in form of rubies and stars.


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