Money Keys Cheat in FarmVille 2 Country Escape iPhone Android

Zynga with FarmVille 2 Country Escape will take you to go on farm adventures as well as gathering rare goods, crafting new recipes, breeding animals and growing your farm with friends.

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In this game, keys are the one of the currencies of this game that is hard to collect.
Sometimes, you will use your Keys to rush tasks.
But, you can do shorter tasks while you are playing the game then start the longer ones before you quit so that they can continue while you are not playing the game.

In line with this, you will be able to get 25 free keys by connecting the game to your Facebook account.
After getting those keys, you can use them to upgrade your barn before anything else
Also, make sure to save all your Keys, just for upgrading your barn as you will be limited on how many crops you can store at a time
And, if you are trying to stock pile, you will really need to expand your barn.

Except keys, you will be assigned to make money as much as possible
To make money fast, you can sell your crops at the Farm Stand
Moreover, selling your crops and finished goods are the easiest ways to get cash and XP.
However, always make sure you are not selling crops you need to unlock a task.
Just save those and finish your tasks with them.

In order to gather more cash and gain XP, when you get to level 11 you will be able to unlock the option to join co-ops in which it will earn you cash and xp.

Meanwhile, coins in this game are easy currency to come by and the only thing you really need them for on a regular basis is to build tools and purchase more land.
For such reasons, visiting your friends’ farms will earn you free cash and bonuses such as coins and keys
So, make sure to do this daily and spread some Friendship Fertilizer in order to collect the rewards.

Every time, you play FarmVille 2 on regular day basis, you will have an opportunity to spin the wheel for bonuses.
Therefore, just launch FarmVille 2 game every day to collect your daily spin.

Speed Seed in this game will help you grow more crops a heck of a lot faster
But, getting this thing will be a hard commodity to come by
Anyway, you can still collect it by asking from your Facebook friends.
So, if you have friends on Facebook playing FarmVille 2 Country Escape, you can give them Speed Seed so they will return to send you Speed Seed as well.

Grandma’s Glade in FarmVille 2 Country Escape can be foraged by a farmhand every 15 minutes
Every 15 minutes is often enough for you to find enough scarce items to cash them in and start leveling up in the long run.
Here, you will always find rare items that are either worth a lot of XP or needed to complete quests.
So, be sure not to waste keys doing it.

In addition, you will sometimes wait a while for getting your task completed successfully
In accordance with this line, you can try to apply the time lapse trick in order to have your task completed quickly
At this point, all you will have to do is simply to go into your time and date settings on your phone
Just close the game first then set the time to be an hour or more.
Now you can open the game again, and you will get the longer tasks completed instantly.
After having the task completed well, you can now set the time back as the current time


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