Money Gems Cheats in Gourmet Ranch Farm Cook and Serve iPhone

Gourmet Ranch: Farm, Cook and Serve is developed by Playdemic where you will be able to farm and grow new ingredients, then mix them up, cook them up and serve them to your loyal customers for collecting more money if they eat your dish.

gourmet ranch farm cook and serve walkthrough ios android

In this game, farming, cooking, or waiting for whatever you have served to sell will need a time to complete.

In line with this, you can speed things up by setting the time on your phone or tablet ahead by however much time you need to wait
Afterward, you just go back to the game and everything will be completed instantly.

Be sure to go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal after getting all things completed well.

Gems is the premium currency that you have to gather up in this game
In order to get free gems, you can connect the game to Facebook so that you can send free gems back and forth from your friends.
So just add more friends from Facebook to get more gems for free.

Later on, once you have fixed up the trade store you can purchase and sell from players all over the game world.

At this point, you can try to use smart buying and selling to make a whole bunch of cash.
You should know what is in demand and what is in short supply
In the mean time, you must also find items that are undervalued or you can grow them yourself and cook them yourself
Then, purchase and sell them for a significant markup in the store.

In addition, if you want to get more and more free gems, all you will do is to complete orders and deliveries.
If you can complete more of them, you will be rewarded with more gems.
Anyway, they will not provide you much to start with but as as you complete more of them, the gems will really build up that will be available to collect.


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