Money Cash K-Gems or Diamonds Cheats Kendall and Kylie iPhone

Glu Games has recently come to the apple store and android market along with heir newest game entitled Kendall and Kylie as the up-and-coming star of a big new adventure that you may play on the go

kendall and kylie walkthrough ios apple watch tv

Here, you will experience the life Kendall & Kylie Jenner where you will merely create your own character from the latest styles, and share customized pics of your digital self.

In this game, you will also be served with all sorts of objects to tap on which will reward you money, experience and other goodies.
So just make sure to visit a new area to increase your money in form of gems cash to make a good progress in the game

You will also get a pet which will be a great company to give you a lot more rewards such as energy, money and experience which can really boost your character

To play this game, you will will need the energy missions such as having a date
For such reasons, you must always start an energy mission when your energy bar is completely full

Later on, to build your popularity, make sure to get more friends since this is a great way of making s good progress a lot faster
By having more friends, you can ask to to help you complete all those difficult missions
Moreover, they can also send you a ton of goodies, including real likes to your shared moments on Facebook or Twitter, that will make you more famous

In order to make a good progress through the game, make sure to always follow your heart and use charm with one K diamond whereby it will make the success and progress of that particular action.

Talking about K-Gems or Diamonds, you will get them by tapping goals and achievements menu as you can see the progress and get amazing rewards in form of k gems

In the way of farming more cash and k gems, just make sure to connect on your Facebook account as doing this will also allow you to save your progress, add friends and completely enjoy the game along with them

As said earlier, K-Gems are the premium currency in this game and there are free K-Gems which you can get for free beside purchasing them through iaps

If you want to get them at easy, you can improve your social presence and get more followers
And, when reaching a certain ranking, you will be granted with some nice rewards in form of free K-Gems

In the beginning of the game, you will get a lot of gems from meeting the K&K sisters, then you will get free gems by making a good progress through the game.

Always remember to complete achievements by tapping the notebook icon in the lower right side of your screen
There, you can check out the achievements and complete those for getting extra free gems

Once collecting some gems, make sure to use them wisely such as spending them on charming people and getting custom accessories

Meanwhile, by helping your friends complete the energy missions faster will allow you to get more gems for free in the game


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