Money Cash Cheats in Farmer Sim 2015 Android

Farmer Sim 2015 from Ovidiu Pop will take you to control of tractors to cultivate your land that will grow into agriculture business and make you become a real professional farmer on ios and android devices

farmer sim 2015 walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will simply plow, seed, and harvest your crops then sell them to make money that you will need to grow your business in to the largest one

Early on the game, you will see the auto button appearing on the left side.
Just turn on that tool, such as the seeder or plower, then tap the auto button so that you can control of your tractors to go through the field doing that activity on its own.

Besides, you will also have to check the mini map that will show you useful location information such as a current objective, so that you will know where you need to go.
The mini map will also shows you a complete layout of your farmland.
Using this mini map will be really handy if you lose track of certain tools

To make sure that you go on activity during the day, you must keep your vehicles fueled especially for your tractors and combines.
To get them refueled, just go to a gas station whereby if you end up stranded somewhere without any fuel, you must pay a fee to be rescued.
And, you will need more fee because of it

On the other side, you must also check and see the status of your farm plots by expanding the full map
If you see it is brown, you need to plow the plot
And, if it is dark brown, you can seed it
Then, if it is dark green, you will see that some crops are currently growing.
You will be ready to harvest them, if they are in a very light brown
Meanwhile, after unlocking multiple farm plots be sure to track of them

As usual, you will be able to make money in this game
Generally, you will earn some bucks that you can do by selling your harvested crops
In order to get additional income, you can get some animals for it

Having some animals will need a lot less effort to maintain then farmland as they will produce products on their own
For such reasons, you can try to invest in a couple of animals since they help you generate some additional income.

In line with this, having cows will be the best starter as you can sell their milk for $10 a piece.
Except cow, breeding sheep will be good idea as their cheese can be sold for $12 a piece.
Moreover, you can also breed chickens, whereby you will be able to sell their eggs for $1 a piece.
Thus, you have known which one that will make you generate additional income


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