Mobius of Magic Cheats Guides Strategy for iPhone

Mobius Of Magic game is made by Marti Nogue Coll where you will be brought to play out as duels between magic users, and you can block most incoming attacks by swiping in the direction

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When performing your action with your skill to deliver stronger counter-attacks, you will need mana
Along the game, you will need to pay careful attention to your enemies and react quickly and precisely.

To make you stronger, you can join several schools of magic, in which each school comes along with a set of unique advanced spells that you will learn to climb through the ranks.

You will also get a few other equipment pieces to modify your stats or move the plot forward.
To get some equipment, you must complete each quest first

Later on, you and your enemy face off in the combat, where the fastest heroes will take their turn sooner and more often.

At that time, you can swipe left, right, or forward to deliver a regular attack in that direction
And, you can perform one of a few other gestures to use an advanced spell.

Using regular attacks will need just a single crystal of mana, while other spells can use up to five.
Early on your turn, a single crystal is restored, then you can also restore crystals by blocking the enemy’s attacks.

When the enemies deliver their regular attacks, you can simply swipe in the same direction to block them.

Anyway, if they do not use a regular attack, you can directly attack them to win the battle
You can win the battle, if hp of the enemy reaches zero first.

On the other side, most fights wrap up quickly, and you can try to defend against regular attacks.
Always stay alert as the enemies can use most of the same attacks you can
Moreover, some of their attacks can essentially end the battle in one fell swoop.

Sometimes, your foes will get a bit faster as you go on, making their attacks harder to block, and those nasty status effects get more common
So, just try to defend and make an offensive move while the enemies do not attack your hero

In the mean time, you can run back and forth through small areas, while waiting the right moment to fight back



  1. I saw this game on TouchArcade and I really love everything about it! Every character has its own personality (and they look like Vivi!). the combats are dynamic and fun to play. It’s a pity that the game is short (it took me around 6 hours to finish it) but for the price it’s totally worth it. Waiting for a sequel!

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