Mito Cash Cheats Drift City Mobile iPhone

Ucube Games has launched a racing car game called Drift City Mobile on the apple store
This game seems to be the sequel of the most popular online racing game called Drift City

drift city mobile walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to merely tap on the screen by a single finger then move your car to dodge others’ to get Combos and win the race.

After going through each race, you will get the items on the lane to boost up the speed of your car to maximum level

This game will feature the main currencies in form of mito and cash
You will get those currencies in any other way

To get cash, you will get double cash for the first top up early on the game
If you can play this game regularly, you will also get some rewards such as 10% Cash of your top up of the day.

By logging the game daily, you will get reward in form of 10 cash, 3 ruby, 500 mito booster, 1 charge and 1 fuel.
So, be sure to check mailbox after logging the game to collect the rewards.

Early on the game, you will get to complete tutorial that will earn you reward
Every time, you follow the tutorial, you will be rewarded with 240 cash sent to mailbox.

Be sure to get your account included in 100 level
By getting in from 31 to 50 level, you will get 15 cash, 3 ruby and 1000 mito
Being 51 to 80 level will earn you 10 cash and 500 mito
And, if you are at 81 to 100th will earn you 5 cash and 500 mito
Always make sure to claim your reward in mailbox.

In order to get more cash and mito in this game, be sure to take part in pvp mode and get rank 8, 88 or 888 in that mode
At this point, you will get 88 cash and 8888 mito

Along the game, you will have a chance to have more than 180 different cars for your collection then go to race through 40 lanes in 10 different countries

You can also perform any cool actions during the race such as drifting, dodging, boost acceleration and reverse driving when racing against opponents

With cash and mito you have collected form each race, you will be able to gather up some components to modify your car that will make it the most powerful to be driven on the street


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