Mithril Gems Cheats in The Lord of the Rings Legends of Middle-Earth Android

The Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-earth form Kabam,the maker of the “other” hobbit-strewn smash hit for mobile platforms, offers you a new card battling RPG

lotr legends of middle earth strategy guides ios android

In this game, you will be brought to the world of Middle-earth, all the way from The Shire to the depths of Mordor, on the quest that should be all too familiar by now.

Then, you can quest through the Lord of the Rings universe and recruit your favorite characters including aragorn, boromir, legolas, frodo and more to strategically build your party.
Every hero in this game will come with unique abilities and each party combination unleashes powerful skills.

You will then be brought to combat Sauron’s evil forces in team-based battles or launch your party into player vs. player arenas where you are able to face others parties from worldwide.

Similar to most card battling games, you will see an endless number of ways to improve your team here.
Here, you will be able to put the rarest cards that you have in, regardless of experience level.

Later on, your cards can always gain experience levels and they can be boosted in other ways
Anyway, there is the most basic thing to watch out for is their star rating, which is categorized into their rarity rating.

Furthermore, you will have to evolve a card by taking two identical cards and combining them in one.
In line with this, you must evolve it so that you are able to upgrade its power a lot
Doing so will also match it up against cards that are of an even higher rarity.

On the other side, if your card has already been enhanced it will come to a percentage of its extra statistics, as well as the one that you sacrificed, then it will be kept and added to the new card, which will go back down to level 1.

For further steps, you are able to summon new cards that you can do with Mithril, Summoning Stones or Summoning Charms.
All of these charms can be earned through both the arena and from the quests while the stones can be purchased in the store with Mithril.

In this game, Mithril is the premium currency that you must gather up along the game
Meanwhile, there are ways to earn that mithril for free, or you can earn the most Mithril by purchasing it with real money in iap store.

In order to farm for Summon Stones, you can try to play boss battles over and over
Anyway, if you run out of boss energy, you can use a Ent-draught to restore it.
Here, stamina will allow you to keep questing
Later on, if it runs out before you gain a level which restores it for free, you can use a Lembas Bread to restore it.

For further, you can try to collect every available hero in a single area so that you are able to receive a major reward.
Usually, this reward will give you a super rare hero of four or five stars, as well as a piece of Lembas Bread and Ent-Draught and some free gold included inside.


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