Minerals Cheats Apocalypse Meow Save for The Last Humans iPhone

Apocalypse Meow: Save The Last Humans is a shooting space game with rpg elements between cats and dogs that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices.

apocalypse meow save for the last humans guides ios android

Here, you will guide the heroic dogs to save the last of the humans floating around in space, as the cats have destroyed the earth.
Also, you will have to shoot down as many of the cat ships as you can.

This game will require minerals as the primary currency
These minerals will be needed to upgrade your ship systems and your various payloads.

To get defense and offense of your ships, be sure to install the new gun equipment first
Once doing so, you can knock off more cat ships more easily
Every time, you shoot more cat ships, you will also get more minerals

When being in the gun battle zone, you must try to survive by avoiding the ships, the asteroids and the bullets.
At the same time, you can also aim and shoot when you get a chance

On the other side, you will get a number of extra side missions
As initial mission in the first world, you will have to complete the stage without taking damage, killing 100 enemies or 40 asteroids, and rescuing 5 humans.

So, just try to focus on completing one of these goals at a time, whereby this will be the main key to accomplish the level
When attempting to complete a mission, always keep your eyes open on your health stats
Just take your finger off the screen to see how much health you have left

Note that your main mission is to put people onto the rescue ship
When it is about to do so, be sure to wait until the rescue ship comes out, then get all of the cats out of the way, or stay out of their way yourself.

In the mean time, get into the range of the tractor beam, then sit there and wait for the entire beam glowing a light blue.

When you see this, you will see all the humans to be transferred form your ship to the rescue ship.
If the process is completed successfully, you will get your mission completed that will grant you a bunch of rewards


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