Microbots Cheat in Big Hero 6 Baymax Blast iPhone

Disney will take you to experience the thrilling story inside Big Hero 6 Baymax Blast where you will fly through the streets of San Fransokyo as well as gathering up energy orbs that you can use to overcome the barriers along the way

big hero 6 baymax blast strategy guides ios android

Later on, you will be able to unlock character bios and exclusive background information, and snatch back trails of stolen microbots
Then, you must upgrade your tech and explore with new characters, then fly with your favorite heroes while smashing through barriers as you streak through San Fransokyo in this action-packed endless runner adventure

For further, you will also be assigned to get some microbots and collect energy orbs that you can use to unlock and upgrade cool power-ups, such as a phase shifter that lets you survive crashes, and the scorchingly-fast super ion thrusters

You have to accomplish some challenging missions to unlock all sorts of rewards, such as clips from the feature film, a fully illustrated Big Hero 6 story, and exclusive art, character files, and super-tech blueprints as well

In order to shop for microbot packages, you simply tap the microbots Button.
Then, slide up and down to choose different microbot packages.
Meanwhile, tapping the green Buy Button will allow you to purchase the microbot package that you have selected before.
On the other side, tapping the Tech Button will allow you to view the available tech power-ups and upgrades.
Just slide up and down to choose different tech power-ups and upgrades.

During the game, you will be able to swipe left or right to switch lanes.
Then, swipe up to soar upward while swiping down to swoop downward.

Throughout the game, you will have to avoid running into obstacles—collisions that will cause Baymax to lose energy.
In line with this, you can simply choose to spend energy to smash through warning signs, but not
vehicles or billboards.


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