Method to Get Wifeplus Love in 10 Billion Wives iPhone

Masukachi has a unique game where you can get married with many girls as you like in 10 Billion Wives in which this game a kind of new clicker game that you can play on the iOS and Android phones.

10 billion wives walkthrough ios android

As the title said, the main objective in this game is to marry all of the wives in the world
To play the game, you will marry one of them, build up your total love, marry the other ones, and repeat the process until you can get married all of them

Later on, you will have to upgrade every wife with love so that it can add another 1x to the multiplier for that wife.
You can also purchase some items for your wives after level 20 and after level 100 then after level 120 for the last.

Besides, you also have to check the achievement area to get some items
So, just look for it and tap on them and to add another 20% multiplier to your tapping power.
Every time you unlock every single one of the achievements, you will get a secret boost.

On the other side, this game will feature The Wifeplus or a jar, the premium currency that you can get through iaps
With this wifeplus, you can get permanent multipliers to the game.

Anyway, you can also get a temporary 3x tapping multiplier, by going to the Share to get! menu and tap the share button.
Every time you do so, you will be granted with a 45 second tapping boost.

As said earlier, you can upgrade your wives with love, so you must get a ton of love to do so
To do this, just set your phone to stay open
Then, put the game to the forefront and leave your phone out.
With this method, you will still keep collecting love as long as you want

With a bunch love that you have got, be sure save up love when saving up for a gift to get one of your wives.
The first one will grant you 2X the LPS.
And, the second one will provide you 10X the lps, and the third one will earn you 100X lps.
Meanwhile, the fourth one will grant a 200x LPS bonus to the wife in that point.


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