Medals Cheats in Metal Skies iPhone

Metal Skies is a new aircraft dogfighting game which is developed by Kabam where you will be allowed to play as old-school aircraft

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Here, you will fly any plane from biplanes to the classic P-51 Mustang
At the same time, you will be able to collect pilots and planes, coins and metals as well as.

Throughout the game, you will also get two main weapons such as your guns and your missiles that you can use to shoot enemy pilots on the air.
To do so, all you will have to do is to fire into the enemy’s fuselage to do maximum damage, as that does about double the damage of firing into the enemy’s wing.
When shooting at enemies, make sure to aim at the enemy plane to charge the missile shot.
When it is going blue, you can fire and shoot your guns while you aim.

After having some progresses, you will get coins that you ca use to power up your gun’s damage and its cooldown rate
Anyway, each time you gain an experience level, those increase as well as your missile’s damage rate that cannot be upgraded using coins.
Make sure to use your coins on upgrades in the hangar so that you are able to increase your plane’s speed in order to avoid enemy fire and hit points.

On the other side, a subquest will always come up to offer you coins and experience if you beat it. After the round starts, it will pop up in small text on the bottom of the screen.
In line with this, you will usually either have to fire a specific amount of shells or bullets into the wing or fuselage, or aim a missile at the fuselage.

Once using each pilot, your pilot will gain experience levels and maturity, that increase their skills.
In the way of getting skills and experience levels, you can simply play either single player rounds or arena rounds
At this point, every round will use one fuel, so you must be smart and conserve your fuel.
Meanwhile, you can gather the buck, that you can perform in the arena unless you are on the more advanced campaign rounds
Thus, just use the arena for grinding and farming for having more buck.

In addition, during the battle on the air, make sure to always watch out to see when a missile is on your tail
When it is on your tail, be sure to start hitting the evade button and steering back and forth, up and down.
Steering up, down, back and forth will avoid gunfire
For further, if your machine gun is very powerful, you do not need avoid as long as your aim is good enough
In the mean time, make sure to keep the enemy’s fuselage in your sights as long as possible.


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