Match Five L Shape to Get Gems in Potion Pop Puzzle Match iPhone

Mag Interactive has a new matching three colors game which is wrapped in Potion Pop
This game seems to be designed for mobile platforms, ios and android mainly

potion pop walkthrough ios android

To play this game, you will merely make matches toward special potions on the board
When doing so, you will have to make a line by matching three or more potions in the same color to pop for points and special bonuses.

With these points you have collected from each stage, you will get a chance to earn up to three stars at the end of each level.

To get more points and stars, you will have to try matching four or five potions to create special potions with powerful effects when they are used on the board

If you can match four potions in a row, you can make a fireball potion which will be handy to take out an entire line of potions in a level

And, if you can match five potions in a row, you can create a rainbow potion which will be useful to swap a rainbow potion with another potion to take out all the ones of that color

In line with this, by matching five potions in a T or L shape, you can have a blast potion that you can use to blow up nearby potions in a 3×3 area.
You can also match special potions together with spectacular results

As usual, this game features the premium currency in form of gems
With these gems, you can use them to get swapsie and hammer boosts that will be useful to take make combo action
Using the swapsie and hammer boosts on the board will give you extra powers to solve some tricky levels
Anyways, solving such levels will grant you points that will lead you to get stars in the game

Except gems, you will also use some moves to perform your action
According to this, if you run out of moves, you can use your gems to get 5 extra moves.
Remember that, you can use them three times during the same level attempt.

On the other side, you will also need some extra lives in form of hearts icon
Every time, you cannot beat a level, you will lose one of your hearts.
Again, you can use your gems to get full lives, when you are in your attempt to beat a level

Having some more gems will give you a lot advantages such as getting extra lives and moves
Moreover, gems will always be handy to get extra potion crates
These extra potion crates will really be helpful when you run out of magic beans in a stage.

In order to collect more gems, you will have to complete each given level by matching as many potions on the board in a quick time

Alternatively, you can also get more gems by making a purchse through iaps
Always check your achievements when you make any progress in the game since you will get free gems from the achievements


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