Make Perfect Dish to Earn Gems in Cooking Tycoon iPhone

Words Mobile has delivered Cooking Tycoon on android and iphone soon
This game is #1 extraordinary restaurant stimulation game where you will have to cook from various ingredients and manage a perfect blend of kitchen cooking with restaurant building.

cooking tycoon walkthrough ios android

This game will deliver fresh new cooking experience where you have to serve your creation to make special dish that will make smiling customers

To make the tasty dishes here, you will be served with hundreds delicious ingredients
On the other side, you will also manage and run a restaurant that is fun in this addicting game.

In the way of running your restaurant, you will learn to take orders, grill patties, add toppings, and serve everything from burgers and fries to sushi and desserts to all of your crazy customers who often come to your place.

By serving your dishes well and making smiling customers, you will be rewarded with tips and money that you can use to unlock new dishes
In the meant time, you will also have to build more types of floors to attract more customers.

Along the game, you will have a choice of 7 unique gourmet restaurants namely Fast Food, French, Italian, Drink, Dessert, Japanese and Chinese each with multitask between serving, grilling and stacking
In order to be a popular cooking tycoon, it will highly be recommended to run more different restaurant.
Then you will have more than 40 dishes to cook using hundreds ingredients

When serving your dishes to your customers, you have to notice the patience meter.
When you see it turning red, it means that your customer will leave and you will loss some experience points
In the way of speeding up the XPs, you can go through training school.

Every time you make your customers smile with your dish, you will be able to earn money and gold coins.
Usually, your customers in this game will pay you biggest tips, once you cook a perfect

On the other side, make sure to check the number of today’s order to come, when stocking up for the day
Anyway, it will be better to stock all of the dishes unlocked, or if you do not you may loss some customers because of this.
Also, stay alert of the water overflow from the cup

You can then unlock the floors, in which you should have the required titles first.
In addition, every time you unlock new dishes, this will increase your income and popularity.
So try to to unlock all the dishes too get more income in form of gold and gems, the main currencies of this game


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