Make Interviews to Get Glamour Points in Sleepless Cinderella Party Android

Voltage will give you a chance of being a heroine in a modern time fairytale where you will can select choose your virtual boyfriend from a group of incredibly handsome celebrities with Voltage’s new dating sim.

sleepless cinderella party walkthrough ios android

The story begins when you have just moved to Tokyo to get a new job as a gossip reporter.
You will then be prompted to get a scoop at the new Casino’s opening gala, where you will meet Japan’s hottest celebrities

In the morning, you will find yourself wake up in a stranger’s hotel room where you are alone in bed, wearing nothing but your underwear and you did know what happened last night
Here, your journey as a gossip reporter begins, where you will have to interview celebrities and get closer with them to know their life style.

Early on this game, to play it, just open the game and tap New Game then select your favorite celebrity
From right here, you will start your romance and become a reporter as well as getting your own VIP room

You can then decorate it with cute furniture and choose the perfect outfit for your avatar
Later on, you will have to cooperate with friends in game missions so that you will be able to improve your score
And, make sure you and your celebrity boyfriend will get a super happy ending in this game

To give your character a different look, you can customize your avatar with the latest fashion and in gorgeous outfits.
So, just choose your favorite make-up, hairstyle and accessories and go glam as the celebrities do

Beside customizing your avatar, you will also have to design your own VIP room to perfection to get even more Glamour points

In line with this, you can have various bonus by logging in and playing this game daily
Here, you will also read 5 scenes per new day.

On the other side, doing an interview with celebrities will earn you Salary and Trust Factor to help with in game check points.
Next, for having extra Salary, just get Scoop Mates and Greet with them.

In addition, you can also try to share your Invite Code to get nice things
You can simply use a code by clicking Send Friends Invite Code right underneath your own code then you can work together in this game.

Meanwhile, glamor points are needed to go through some events in this game
For such reasons, make sure you can interview artists to reach such glamour points


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