Make Good Score to Get More Coins in Football Heroes 2015 iPhone

Run Games has contributed its newest game, Football Heroes 2015 in which it is an all new season of over-the-top arcade football action

football heroes 2015 walkthrough ios android

This game is similar to the previous genre that is Football Heroes Pro Edition

In this game, you will have to fight your way to the end zone using skill, strategy, and special moves to win the competition and get your victory.

On the other side, you will also power up your players and customize your roster to build the ultimate football team in this game.

Early on, you will get your first Silver offensive lineman card and you can set on a quarterback or wide receiver to open up the passing game.

In order to win in the trenches on defense, you can try the strategy for your best defensive player that is on the D-line
This strategy will be blowing up the center and if you can manhandle your players up front then you can eliminate runs up the middle
Also, you can pressure on the passer during passing plays with this strategy.

Later on, you can draw a crowd and go special.
What fun things about this game are the out-of-this-world special moves that can bail you out of a jam.

Along the game, you will get the moves which are designed to switch the momentum when you are facing a handful of the other team’s players.

Meanwhile, you will have to try to run up the score if you can as this will come to gold coins.
With these gold coins, you can upgrade your team

In the way of collecting these gold coins, you have to run up the score on the opponent.
In fact, you need to take risks with long passing plays and go for interceptions on defense as well.
Moreover, you must use your specials moves and try to score long touchdowns.

Beside gold coins, you will really need to use boosters as soon as possible.
The booster pack is different things depending on the game you play, in which oftentimes it will be useful to save up for a higher level booster.
You have to do this as your starting team sometimes sucks whereby yuo will have to get the boosters as soon as humanly possible.


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