Make Combo Notes for 5 Stars in Guitar Hero Live Full Version iPhone

Activision Publishing is the developer that has the popular Guitar Hero franchise is now back with the newest series called Guitar Hero Live for modern audiences, which you can enjoy on the ios and android devices

guitar hero live walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will see new features related to the same core gameplay and new touch mechanics.
Your main goal is to score five stars on the new songs you are playing on the go

Early on the game, you will be allowed to play regular song on trial mode then you will have to unlock full digital version to play all the songs inside this package

When playing a song, be sure to always watch out for the combo notes
In line with this, if you see notes connected by a blue line, be sure to slide your finger over to hit the note

Just make sure to do this with the notes that are linked, whereby trying this on disconnected notes will result in a miss

In the mean time, you will also be able to stack your hero power up to a limited amount of charges
It means that you will not use hero power as much as you should be
Here, Hero Power will temporarily boost your score multiplier rate, and it can push it to x4 limit that will gain you big points if using it a lot during the heavy note parts of the song

Anyway, before you use hero power, you can build up combo when you are at the maximum score multiplier
In accordance with this, deploying hero power at x4 will put your score multiplier at x8 times

And, if you use it before your multiplier is at maximum, you can build it up at a faster rate
However, it may waste a lot of precious hero power time.
So, you can try another option to build it up before using hero power

As said earlier, if you play it on the trial version, you can merely play two songs in which one is for the Live mode and one is for the TV mode.

During the game, take your time on them while working your way up the difficulty scale as you get more practice.

On the other side, unlike the combo notes, swipe notes will almost never come up on regular and easy difficulties.

At this time, swipe notes will come along in form of an arrow.
Thus, all you will have to do is tap the notes in the original position then swipe in the direction the arrows are pointing.

Tapping this notes may sometimes be a bit tricky since they will come up right before another long string of notes
And, they may disrupt your combos when you are playing a song in the game.


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