Make Combo Match for More Key Coins in Genies and Gems iPhone

Genies and Gems from SGN is the spellbinding match-3 puzzle adventure game which seems to be designed for the ios devices recently

genie & gems walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide Jenni the genie and her fox, Trix to go through magical worlds recovering lost relics, gold bars and enchanted keys.

During in your journey, you will have to match some colorful objects to get to the key to unlock new worlds and challenges

Here, you must make smart matches to survive in the game while avoiding cursed stones and overcoming caged gems.

Along the game, you can also use the Gilded Butterfly or Gilded Rainbow to go through challenging levels then uncover idols and get gold coins along the way

When going to match the objects, look for butterflies as they are free paws if you match them
And, there are certain levels where the paws will be blocked off from normal matching
So, always make sure to match them for easy progress

Try to match four in a row to create a Line Breaker.
You can do this by matching a horizontal or vertical line inside.
When it is matched, line breakers will shoot out a beam which can match everything in the line.

On the other side, matching in a T shape can create an X-breaker, the line breakers, except they detonate in a X-like fashion.

Then, if you match in a L shape, you can make a special breaker which can match everything surrounding them.

Later on, if you can match five in a row, you can create a rainbow gem, which automatically match every piece of that color on the board so that you can reach paws.

Matching in a square formation will turn the pieces into a butterfly piece.
Do this if you are stuck working with a couple of pieces of a small amount of room.

Once clearing your objective, any left over moves will be transformed into special pieces on the board during Magic Time.
If you can clear more of them, you will get more pieces, which give you more points


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