Make Combo for More Crystals in Line Cookie Run iPhone

Line Corporations has introduced Line Cookie Run that is categorized into an endless runner game, which is designed specifically for iOS and Android platforms.

line cookie run walkthrough ios android

Here, you will take a role as a cookie hero where you must guide him to escape the villainous wicked witch, while collecting a bunch of coins without having to worry much about the consequences.
For you to know is that each cookie has their own special skills or attributes

For starting levels, you can take a priority on the jelly upgrade, which allows you to change your jelly’s shape
Anyway, this also increases the number of points each jelly could score for you.

Besides, you can also upgrade your energy boost, which will increase the value of each energy potion collected.
In this game, energy means greater distance, and this energy boost can be purchased on the cheap.

Later on, you must also upgrade your cookie and pet that will enhance special attributes
And, pets will also have specific benefits for your character, so they should be upgraded as well.

On the other side, it will be important to have the right mix of pet and cookie to make a combo bonus.
To do this, just go to the Pet Book, tap any of the pets you see, and check which cookie can be combined with which pet for a combo bonus.

Moreover, making some combo bonus will give you an advantage to collect more crystals or diamonds that you will need to do some upgrades for your characters


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