Make Combo Flowers to Get Gold Bars in Blossom Blast Saga iPhone

King has just launched Blossom Blast Saga as a match three game that you can play on mobile devices, ios and android

blossom blast saga walkthrough ios android

Similar to the other matching three games, you will merely drag your finger over flowers to clear them Here, every flower is bloomed to a different degree, and all kinds of reactions can trigger how much bloom they have.

To play this game, you will be given with five lives
And, if you either quit in the middle of a round or lose a level, you will lose a life and you have to wait half an hour to get it back

Anyway, if you want to get your lives back quickly, you can do the time lapse trick
In line with this, all you will do is to set the time ahead on your phone by half an hour for every life that you want to get back
Or, you can set the time to 2 half hours for a full life regeneration.
Always remember to set the time back to normal again after doing this trick.

When matching those blossoms, you can make combo which is the buds around it bloom
At this point, once having combo to the flower, it will bloom wide

Later on, you can try to end combos away from the edge of the stage
When doing so, you can hit as many surrounding flowers as possible there.

If you have more bloom to spread around, you can have more bloom surrounding flowers
For such reasons, some bloom will spread to trigger the massive combos that can beat a level automatically.

On the other side, if you can complete a level with some moves left over, the leftover moves will trigger Flower Power, in which it will also autobloom random flowers
And, any moves left over when all of the flowers are gone will result you some points to gain
With points you have got through the levels, you can easily beat your friends’ high scores and get three stars on every level.

In order to unlock new island, you will need a certain amount of stars that you can get by gaining some points in some levels
To get these stars, you can replay old levels and start playing them again, starting from the lowest level to the highest one.

Besides, you can also get gold by completing each level successfully
With this gold, you can purchase any items you want in the game that will help you complete the level at ease


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