Magnet Coins Cheats in Sketch Breaker iPhone

Sketch Breaker from FDG Mobile Games GbR is the combination of the old school ball-bouncing of Breakout with drawing games that you can play mainly on the ios phone.

sketch breaker walkthrough ios android

Here, you will simply draw the barrier for the ball to bounce and hit various paint patterns
You will have to make it through each level for collecting points as high as you can.

Early on the game, you will have an infinite number of balls
Then, you may run out them whereby you have to wait for them to regenerate on their own

To get them fast without waiting, you can do the time lapse trick
All you will do is to go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time by at least an hour or two to get those lives back.

During the game, just try to hit the same color consecutively as many times as you can.
You will see the ball will turn color in the first time.
And, the ball will glow the color of the paint that you hit in the second time.
Later on, you will see the whole paint area will explode in the third time.
If you have more paint explosions, you will get more points to finish the stage.

When drawing the line, do it precisely
Once doing so, it will not become solid until you let go
Afterward, you can continue to move and turn it until you let go
In the mean time, you can anticipate where the ball will go next, and draw it accordingly.
Try to draw the line up top

On the other side, you can also use the extra skills given by the creatures that embed themselves in the paint.

If you can do so well, they will make it a lot easier to go through the stage fast
You can use the red creature, giving you the multi-ball.

After making good progresses through some stages, you will be rewarded with coins
Besides, you will also get experience to level up
Those gold coins will be useful to get goodies such as the Goldfinger power up, and the others ones.
Thus, just save up some coins for power ups that will help you solve a tough stage.


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