Magic Stones Cheats in Magimon Adventures iPhone

Magimon Adventures is the product of Animoca Brands in which this game is a brand new monster collecting game which allows you to collect and evolve over 150 monster cards along an epic adventure.

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At the beginning of the game, you will start out with very little inventory space
Then, after you collect more Evolution cards, it will be quite difficult to organize your cards.
In line with this, it will be better if you invest at least two Diamonds for inventory space upgrades after you receive one for free from the game.
Here, you are able to get your monster capacity to at least 20 or ideally 30 so that you can keep the evolution cards and have some other monsters to play for further.

Later on, you will have to level up your best cards and evolve them to be the strongest ones
After getting at least a three star card, make sure to level it up.
At this point, you can focus on your top card, then work your way down to the lower quality cards.
Chances here are the time you complete your top card upgrade, and make sure you have some good cards to upgrade.
During leveling up cards process, if you use the same element, you will get an XP bonus
Thus, it will give you an advantage to use same element cards when upgrading.

Building the perfect deck will come to more strong cards in which you can use the one that has more monsters that are strong against that specific element.
Yo can try to have two of your monsters of the element which is more powerful and two that are neutral. Remember never go for a weak element into battle as that is just a waste of space.

In this game, the combos are the most important parts of each game and the elements that you will match will not matter that much as long as you can get 4-5 combo hits.
According to this, you can go for the elements that harm your opponent the most.
On the other side, just leave the health tiles when you really need them
Be sure to switch elements using the arrows button near the active one and create the perfect strategy

Most monsters have skills that can be triggered after an amount of time or turns
Here, you will be able to take advantage of that and use the skill when it is most useful.
A defense skill is usually good as soon as it is available
And, an attack skill or tile changing one should be activated at the right moment and on the right target
Also make sure to pick the target that is weakest to the next attack.

For further, always check out your monster cards
In accordance with this, just see what cards are needed for them to evolve and invest everything else in leveling them up.
Just keep playing the previous levels in order to get better cards and use them for leveling up.


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