Magic Coupons Code for Gold Cheats in Larva Heroes Episode 2 Android

Mr. Games has introduced Larva Heroes: Episode 2 for android users
In the first launch of this game, the developer has a campaign to give free coupon to 100 people daily through Facebook where you will be able to get a free coupon magic candy 1000 and 300,000 gold.

larva heroes episode 2 walkthrough iphone android

Those coupons will be available on a first come, and first served basis.
So, just click on Facebook fanpage of this game then find ‘Free Coupon“ Number there
Afterward, you can enter the code in game
Do not be late as, you will get used code.

Besides getting coupons code for gold, you must also focus on the game
Here, you are able to level up in the stage mode.
When playing The Dungeon mode, you can play hero then take four friends to play together.

Your Heroes and Hero friend can strengthen to step 6 in that you can also get a ‘fortune cookie’ through stage mode.
Opening the fortune cookie will allow you to get gold, item, magic candy.
And, in main menu, you can see total rank and weekly rank.

To play this game, there are basic rules to move your heroes and attack enemies
Touching finger icon will move your hero in that way.

Your hero will attack automatically if hero go near to enemy unit within their range.
Your friends hero can also attack enemy automatically and it follows hero
Moreover, if your friends hero is dead while fighting, you can revive it using revival button.
At this time, whenever your hero friend revives, you will use magic candy.

Then, if you transform, you will power up and can use special skill toward your hero.
In line with this, you can purchase transformation potion in shop
Meanwhile, you can transform when you have gathered up all the larva alphabets.

Later on, you can produce defense unit that can defend enemy attack instead of hero.
Except getting transformation potions, you can also purchase hero skills in shop.


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