Magic Beans Coins Cheats Money Tree iPhone

Money Tree Clicker Game for Treellionaires form Tapps is a kind of tapping clicker game that you can play both on ios and android devices

money tree walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to tap on the money tree to collect cash
With cash you have earned from there, you can get some upgrades to make you the richest man in this game.

Early on this game, you can use your cash on the new equipment, as this is a good way to make a bunch lot more cash easily.

To maximize the new equipment, you can use some techniques to increase the speed of your tapping.
At this point, you can tap alternately with two fingers or even three fingers to make money form the tree there

On the other side, hiring the gardeners will be really helpful to make money
Here, you can combine the gardeners with purchasing more fertilizer that allows you to continue earning cash while you are not playing this game.

In line with this, every new type of fertilizer that you get will change the size and appearance of the tree.

You can also keep increasing your cash without limits imposed by the fertilizer
At this phase, you can simply set your phone or tablet to where the screen will not go into sleep mode at all.

In the mean time, be sure to plug it into a charger and leave the game open for as long as you want
For such reasons, you will be able to keep collecting money the entire time.
Also, you can use this trick while you are resting at night.

As usual, this game uses magic beans as the premium currency.
To get such beans, you merely keep tapping the tree.
Tapping tree randomly will come to free magic beans.
Moreover, you can have bigger tree caused by the higher levels of fertilizer
Thus, it will earn you more beans if you can tap it more

Alternatively, you can also get more magic beans by watching advertisement videos during the game.
To do this, just go to the in app purchase store.
There, you will see the top button advertise free beans.
All you will do here is to tap it to watch the ad videos to get some free magic beans
By tapping and watching each video, you will be rewarded with five beans.
Later on, if you want to get more magic beans for free, just watch as many videos there.


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