Luxury Gem Pack Cheats in Wooparoo Mountain Android

Wooparoo Mountain is made by NHN Entertainment USA in which this game is one of pet raising games that will give you over 20,000 different ways to combine

wooparoo mountain strategy guides iphone android

Moreover, this game contains a bunch of animals, named as Wooparoos, in that you can breed them, from the common ones of one element, to the rare ones.
You can breed those wooparoos such as Roopa, Fori, and the rest of them to build their village and to play fun games.
Throughout the game, you are also be able to invite your friends to share and summon up cute and crazy critters called Wooparoo

Along the game, you should make sense of the element listed, where it is not any specific monsters that can be used in the breed.
You can try to select a forest monster and an earth monster to get a forest + earth monster, which is Muddie or Vinal.
Later on, it will be a bit more complex when your goal is to get a rare monster or a three-element monster
However, you will go through all down to trial and error when combining any specific monster of a certain element.
For such reasons, you must indeed learn and apply which element that can be combined to get the rare ones

These are the specific elements that you can try to combine with other ones to create powerful ones
Fori = Forest + Forest
Moler = Earth + Earth
Fircoon = Fire + Fire
Frostle = Ice + Ice
Chirpie = Thunder + Thunder
Hydroar = Water + Water
Drakee = Wind + Wind

Muddie = Earth + Forest
Vinal = Earth + Forest
Lillady = Fire + Earth
Cranne = Fire + Forest
Prinne = Fire + Forest
Hedgie = Ice + Earth

Fenroor = Ice + Fire
Yuni = Ice + Forest
Gongon = Earth + Thunder
Fluffie = Thunder + Fire
Pepe = Thunder + Fire
Monkiroo = Ice + Thunder
Batty = Ice + Thunder

Cancan = Thunder + Wind
Ray = Light + Light
Shadow = Dark + Dark
Goldie = Gold + Gold
Molly = Ice + Water
Betsy = Water + Fire
Puffer = Water + Forest
Coraloo = Water + Forest
Seamander = Earth + Forest
Cactore = Wind + Forest
Goroola = Wind + Fire
Giras = Wind + Thunder

Dolley = Wind + Ice
Torto = Water + Fire
Tortie = Water + Fire
Tigren = Ice + wind
Phoenix = Fire + Wind

Penger = Water + Wind
Walroo = Ice + Water
Craggie = Earth + Wind
Leaffie = Forest + Water + Fire

Ray = Four different types which are not rare
Shadow = four different types which are not rare Wooparoos
Goldie = Four different types which are rare Wooparoos


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