Lune Cheat in Shall we date? WizardessHeart+ iPhone

NTT Solmare Corp will let you come to Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy where you will play as a provisional wizard student to learn about magic, use magical items and cast spells.

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Wizardess Heart+ is adapted from a visual novel game which explores full of fantasy, adventure, love romance and school life in the wizardry world
Here, you will meet unique classmates, dormmate, professors and some magical creatures in the academy that will get you to experience a thrilling and adventurous with a sweet romance and swoon moments

On the other side, you will have to discover some mysteries behind the academy in which when being at the episodes regarding to ‘the Tower of Sorrow’, you can discover the hidden truths by proceeding the stories of all three characters: Elias, Luca and Yukiya.

Furthermore, you will get involved in the main story which consists of Day 13 in which each day contains between around 5 and 20 episodes coming with various lengths of the story.

To follow the story, you will need Story Ticket to go to the story in which you will get one Story Ticket within four hours.
Also, if you want to get more story ticket, you will be able to purchase them from the Item Shop.
Afterward, you can continue to read the story at that time without waiting story ticket for coming within every four hours.

You will then raise the love meter by purchasing and using love meter boost items in form of Aruenaristy that will be better to be used before the last episode of the “Day 13” ends.

You will also be served with Magic Challenge, such as avatar and magic grade
First is Magic Challenge or Avatar in which you can pass through the Magic Challenge with this avatar. And, if you have a certain avatar item, you can read a premium story that is more romantic story than a usual one.
Besides, the premium story will be saved to Memories which you can enjoy the story as many times as you want.

Second is Magic Grade in which once it reaches over the required level, you can pass through the Magic Challenge.
You can get your Magic Grade when you start the Extra Curriculum.
So it will be important to get your Magic Grade to go to the next story.

At this point, you will also be able to gain the total Magic Grade which is the amount of Magic Grade you receive for current playing character and completed some characters in this game.
After you have completed the first character, both your current Magic Grade and the total Magic Grade will be displayed on the screen.

In order to raise your Magic Grade, you can take part in a mini-game, The Extra Curriculum.
At this phase, just select a competitor and tap the “Start Extra Curriculum” button.
In line with this, if your Charm Level is higher than that of the competitor, you will have a chance of raising your Magic Grade.
Therefore, always start Extra Curriculum as many times as possible in order to raise your Magic Grade to advance in the story.

In related to Extra Curriculum, you will require 20 units of Power to start it
later on, if you can win five times in a row, you will gain special bonuses to raise your Magic Grade and get more Lune than usual.

Meanwhile, one unit of Power is restored every three minutes and you can restore up to 100 units of Power
But, you can purchase power recovery items to restore your Power instantly.

In addition, this game features lune as virtual money in, that you can use to purchase some items.
For further moves, you will have to try to earn lots of Lune and use it to help you progress through the story along the game.

In the way of earning more Lune in this game, you can greet your friends and send messages to them
And, by logging in this game daily, you will get more lune as rewards
Starting the Extra Curriculum will also give you some lunes as well



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