Long Words for More Coins Stars in Languinis Match and Spell iPhone

Languinis Match & Spell is a new puzzle game about matching gems designed for for the iOS and Android platforms.

languinis match & spell combo codes ios android

Anyway, this game seems to be different from the common typical match-3 game whereby you will match gems, that will turn into letters to solve.
Once getting the letter revealed, you will then tap the letters to spell different words, either long words or short words.
At this point, you must try completing some various word-spelling missions in each stage, while trying to get three stars every time.

The main core to play this game is always to try spelling the longest word possible as this will earn you so many points that will help you finish stages at ease
Then, you will make your required points far more quickly than you otherwise would have.

Anyway, making shorter words will be harder to get the required points, especially for a three star score.

Along the game, you will get a whole lot of free power ups, and a daily reward for coming back to the game.
To get them more, be sure to log in daily, and save up your power ups for important things only.
Do not use them on easy stages or on stages that you are not stuck on.

When playing in each stage, you will be given with five lives, except that when you lose at a stage, you are down one.
Running out of all of your lives will get you to wait half an hour per life for them to come back.

Alternatively, if you want to get lives fast, you can simply set the time ahead on your phone or tablet.
Just set it ahead 2 1/2 hours for a full regeneration, or half an hour per life that you want to restore.

On the other side, you will be assigned to get more gold coins as much as you can
In order to get them more, you can sync this game to Facebook
And, every time you do so , you will get the ten free gold coins and enjoy the syncing up of your game progress.

Sometimes, you will get bored of playing on your current island
In line with this, just scroll up and check out all of the islands you can unlock in the future.


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