Long Ride Pack Coins Cheats in PegGoo Pop iPhone

Bulkypix has presented PegGoo Pop that is a physics arcade game with challenging puzzle similar to the popular game Peggle where all you will have to do is to aim and guide the balls to your victory

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On the other side, you must also tilt your phone for precision shots to help unique pegs with special abilities guide the ball to destroy evil goo invaders which are spreading over 90 levels.

Later on, you will be able to bounce your way through the levels and lands of Butterfields Village, Starwinkle Observatory, Polar Pop Arctic, and many more.
Each level here will provide your unique goos some features such as the electric trap peg, floating bubble goo, spinner peg, the freezing blizzard goo, and bumper pegs that will send your ball whirling through space.
If you can do that well, you will be able to make a big score as bonuses and you will also get extra balls by shooting down the difficult to hit flying goos.

To get the best control, you can use tilt for fine tuning
In line with this, when getting balls in play, you can tilt your phone to slightly influence the momentum on the balls.
Doing this will be useful if you are off your designated targets by just a tiny amount.

Plus, aiming for the middle the dropper will be worth the most points.
After you have hit all of your objective pegs, make sure to plan your shots so that your balls fall into the middle dropper.
Here, be sure not to shoot too far from the center column, and use your tilt as much as you can.

Besides getting score bonus, you have to reach for the stars
Along the game, every level will come to a designated objective requirement that you need to fulfill to go through.
You can pass it on by doing something like destroy a certain amount of blue goos, activate the droppers at the bottom, etc.

Meanwhile, once clearing the objective, you are able to activate bonus
During bonus time, you can add star pegs across the board.
And, hitting any of these star pegs will grant you a nice 1000 points, so in order to have a lot of balls to use for the star pegs you must try to hit your objective early

For further, you can double tap the bonus by launching multiple balls
When launching a ball, just wait about two seconds before you can launch another one.
Always do this even if there is already another ball in play and it has not reached the bottom yet.
Anyway, if the two balls happen to collide with each other, you will get a small “double tap” bonus that comes to 500 points.
With this points, you can launch the balls within close proximities to each other, and you will probably earn other bonuses as well

After playing in few levels in this game, you will see a goo flying a plane go across the board.
If you manage to hit one of these guys, you will receive around 2000 points
And, there is also another type of flying goo similar to a mini ufo.
If you can hit this guy, you can gather an additional ball
At this point, these two special goo guys are really profitable so keep an eye out of them


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