Log in Daily to Get Stars in Goalunited LIVE iPhone

Goalunited Pro or goalunited LIVE The extension for your smartphone is the product of Travian Games which brings a football management genre specially made for the ios and android users worldwide

goalunited pro walkthrough ios android

In the beginning pf the game, you will start with some unskilled players and a stadium with a lot of improvements here and there
Meanwhile, you will also build up your club into popular one which will give you a lot of money

As management game, you will have to build up your players where your team will be weak when you initially start the game
In line with this, you must replace all your players during the first season

Besides, it will be recommended not to spend any of your cards during your first season
Instead, use them when they matter, especially for good players only

Make sure to build your stadium up as this is your investments
At this point, make sure to keep your buildings in top condition

To help you build your empire, you can hire good staff as they give you major bonuses in all areas.
Money will be the main thing to build up your team and stadium
To get more money, just complete the tutorial and get daily bonuses every time you log in the game
As initial step, you will get regular income from your Sponsor

Besides, selling players will also give you a ton of money.
Therefore, just keep your eyes open on the transfer market and purchase the bargains
Just get very cheap players to sell for high price

Always train your new players which will help them become superstars
For such reasons, sign young players then train them to become better ones with valuable prices
You must balance then training categories as they come up with various ones

Be sure to vary your training schedule and train everything a little bit to prevent your players get bored during in the game
The main point is to invest cheap players and train them which will net you high price for your income which will be in form of stars, the premium currency of this game


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