Log in Daily to Get Hero Stones for Rare Heroes in Tales of Link iPhone

Tales of Link or TOLink from Bandai Namco Entertainment can be categorized into a freemium Match-3 or RPG, which will allows you to create a party consisting of some favorite characters from other Tales games.

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You will then get to assemble your party and battle your way through the main story and you will spend a ton of time fighting enemies

Before doing all that matter, you must learn the elements of this game first.
Water beats fire
Fire beats wind
Wind beats earth
Earth beats water.

In line with this, you will learn how to inflict some kind of damage, in that the best damage will come from using opposing elements.

When battling with enemies, always consider to aim at the weaker enemies first
You can also combine five of your heroes to cast a ton of damage on an fairly weak enemy

At that moment, always keep your eyes open up blue markers under the enemy’s health bar which means a shield up.
Once seeing this, just leave them till last and concentrate on some weaker enemies.

Make sure to use your special moves to get wrapped up in combining plenty of one color
However, using those special moves will boost your health, your attacking, and your defensive powers.

This game also comes up with the premium currency called hero stones
To get them, you must win the battle and you may get them included in the gift which you can get everyday

For such reason, just sign in the game daily to redeem these gifts
In line with this, just tap the present button on the main screen, then grab some free gifts coming in your way.

Setting up your Guardians will really have a big important role for a support role in battle in the game.

Besides, bonuses will consist of things such as an extra chance to dodge being poisoned, or you can get a boost to your defenses.

On the other side, you will also have to level up your heroes frequently, expanding your horizons.
You can rely on gear to fuse pieces together to get the better ones
Tapping the Gear-up button will give you a series of options to adjust your equipment or you can focus on hp giving gear and defense heavy stuff

Meanwhile, fusing gear will require coins.
Moreover, doing this will make a big difference.

Along the game, you will always try to get the blue orbs which can be said as your experience.
These orbs will be useful to level up your party heroes
Also, you can combine matching characters to boost that cap up a bit.

In addition, you will also have to collect multicolored orbs to summon new heroes.
By summoning your new heroes, you will be able to get better heroes with high rarity of stars


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