LINE Toys for Gems Coins Cheats iPhone

LINE TOYS is a new matching 3 puzzle game form Line Corporation where you will have to try solving all kinds of stages to beat the evil wizard stealing Edward the inventor’s toy making machine.

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In order to play this game, all you will do is simply to get points by matching up 3 or more Dolls as they move left and right in a row horizontally.

As usual, this game will feature gems and gold coins as the main currencies
Gems are used to get Coins and Hearts in the game.
And, coins are used to get new items and other things needed in the game.

Meanwhile, hearts are like the tickets to play the game.
You will need 1 heart to play in one stage.
Once running out of hearts, they will regenerate every 15 minutes up to a maximum of 5 Hearts.
Besides, you can get hearts by inviting your friends into the game
So, just invite more friends to get more hearts in this game

Here, each character will come along with a different special Skill that can be activated during the game.

And, your character will also have skills that you can use after matching a certain number of Dolls on the board.
In line with this, the Skill Meter will display the number of Dolls needed to activate the Skill.

If you have a Character from a Capsule Toy, it will give experience to upgrade that Skill so that it will level up

Later on, you will also have to level up your characters by playing in some stages as you will automatically get enough experience by clearing more Dolls you clear in some stages

Capsule Toys is the way you get new Characters.
You will have two types of Capsule Toys such as Normal Capsules and Premium Capsules.

Friend Points or FP are points that you need to unlock the next Area.
To get friend points, you can send Hearts to your Friends to get 5 FP.
Besides, you can also invite a Friend to join the game that will earn you 30 FP.
Plus, if you send a Heart to a Friend who has sent you a Heart, you will get 1 FP.

For further, you will need to unlock Gates to unlock new Areas.
According to this, you will need and use Stars, Gems or Friend Points to unlock them.

On the other side, playing in Doll Dash mode will be a bonus time, where an area of 3×3 is cleared whenever you match Dolls in that time.
You can play this mode when the Doll Dash Meter at the bottom right of the screen is filled that you can do by matching Dolls for certain time period.

In addition, anything you have matched up the dolls will give you more rewards in form of gold coins and gems
Thus, just try to complete each stage by matching up dolls to get those currencies for free


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