Level up Weapons to Unlock Survival Mode in Cally`s Caves 3 iPhone

Cally`s Caves 3 is a kind of an action packed run and gun platformer game, where you will be brought to explore each area to discover secrets, fight against insane bosses, and level up your character.

cally`s caves 3 walkthrough ios android

In the way of completing each objective in the game, you will be able to use weapons to level up your characters and evolve them into their ultimate forms

Along your journey, you will also be able to unlock new character abilities such as the Triple Jump, Dodge Roll and Water Wings.

In this game, you will guide Bera to beat any foes standing in your way
Bera has the ability to unleash crazy ninja moves and solve puzzles.
Next, you will get involved in the battlefield to rescue your parents from Herbert’s clutches, and bring an end to Herbert’s experiments for peace

When leveling up your characters, you can only level up your weapons to level 10 until you can access new game plus.

In the battlefield, be sure to stay alert of Mermen Tridents who can destroy your weapon projectiles.
Here, you can also use your ability, double jump at the peak of your jump arc to get as high as possible to avoid getting hit by enemies.

In related to the gun type you use in this game, the bladegun and the boomerang will not do much damage
If you see the blades in the bladegun to bounce off the walls, you can cause some big attack toward enemy during in the gun battle.

Thus, you must level up your weapon up to 20 level with its final form so that your weapons has massive effects when being sot to the enemies

Besides, you can also access the weapon mods with the coin multiplier as these weapon mods can increase a certain effect to your gun, such as freeze or poison that will be lethal when being used to your enemies

Always remember to purchase a lamp to be revived in a non-checkpoint level.
You can also place mines to blast enemies at once but it seems you will get a limitation to how many mines you can place at a time.

During your exploration, you will have to find collectibles hidden across Regular Game and New Game.
At this point, you will also be able to find a final form that will increase your weapon level up to 19 level

To level up your weapons fast, be sure to play survival mode then get new game mode to unlock higher weapon tiers

Later on, you can also try plying in wave-based survival mode where you will be challenged to beat 150 waves of deadly enemies and get a big prize from each completion of that mode`s challenges
So, just try to play in that mode more often to level up your weapons and evolve them into different forms with different effects

According to this, you will be able to unlock 12 weapons classes with 89 unique weapon effects that will be useful to deal with bosses in this game


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