Launch Singles to Earn Gems Cash in Britney Spears American Dream iPhone

Again, Glu Games has launched their next celebrity-building game called Britney Spears: American Dream on the ios and android markets

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Similar to celebrity building game, it comes along with interesting mechanics where you will sell your singles and compete against other real life players for fame and fortune
With these ways, you will be on top of the charts and become the #1 musician in this game

Gems and cash are the main currencies of this game that you can get for free in any other way
To get those currencies, you may rely on selling singles

In line with this, you may participate in quests and missions related to your Single
Anyways, you must get 5 star to get the maximum gains
Also, do this when your energy bar is full.

Early on your steps, you may start missions and events when having enough friends and other musicians
In line with this, they will help you increase your sales even more once the event is over.

Moreover, if you have a lot friends and Record Labels, you will get more likes for your singles from them
When your friend likes your Single, your sales will scale up
Plus, if you have Record Label members voted your single, they will boost your sales
For such reasons, be sure to be part of a Record Label with maximum and active members

By joining The Record Label, you connect with many signed artists and your singles will be shared with all the members, who can like them to boost the sales.

Among all of that circumstance, your star level and number of fans will take a big part in boosting your sales of your singles so that you will be at the top of the charts in this game

On the other side, you may have to tap everything you see which will reward you extra cash or even energy and other stuffs, diamonds or gems, the premium currency of this game

As said before, your main objective is to be popular then getting some cash and gems to fulfill your need of fashion and life style
To make this happen, you may have to sell as many singles as possible when you have launched a new one

By doing so, you will be at top of the charts and get another form of special currency, called as the Ribbons.
With this Ribbons, you can purchase special clothes and accessories in the shop, which will increase your style and popularity

In accordance with this, your Style meter will increase the rewards that you will collect when you complete missions
Therefore, consider to pay attention to your Style and improve it when you have enough cash and gems

In addition, you will meet the other characters, whereby you may use Charm that will guide you to get the success of your action

Meanwhile, always consider to design nice covers for your singles, build great relationships and try to be at the top of the charts whereby all of them will bring you to be the most popular artist in this game


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