Lasagna Coins Cheats in Garfield Survival of the Fattest iPhone

The Garfield game series has a new comer named as Garfield Survival of the Fattest, where you will take Garfield to camp for diet and you will also have to unlock all areas and characters and turning Garfield into the fattest, laziest cat in the world.

garfield survival of the fattest points apple watch

Here, you will also have to gather up some coins as fast as you can
With these coins, you will be able to build everything and complete quests
Early on this game, you can build everything from the market, then plant a few trees and crops in which all of this will produce coins for your collections
Also, this will give you the much needed gold to keep Garfield happy.

At the beginning of the game, just build up everything and upgrade as much as you can
In the mean time, you will also have to unlock all the new areas and place the buildings wherever they fit.
It will also be better to have solid bank account before removing all the debris and setting up the city with your style.

Except having to get more and more coins, you will also be assigned to get free lasagnas
To get them, you will always have a choice to get free lasagnas
At this point, you can play the minigame, feed Garfield until he breaks the scale, then you will be able to complete Awards and watch videos for free lasagnas.

Moreover, playing this min game will also reward you with a bunch of coins and free lasagna.
When doing so, you can play it every 6 hours, so do your best to play it at least twice daily as it will give you a massive advantage.

On the other side, water will really be useful to level up your crops and trees
And, you will never have too much water so be sure to produce water with any means necessary.

Besides, you must also upgrade your trees and crops constantly then get them maxed out along the game
In accordance with this, you will be able to collect both coins and calories that will be handy to fill up the scale and gather up some lasagnas for free.
Note that if you have any water left, you will not upgrade your trees and crops enough

Lasagna, coins and water will take a role as the main currencies that you must gather up throughout the game
Every time, you have collected those lasagnas, be sure to save them for unlocking all the goodies in the game
At this point, you can also unlock some goodies such as recipes and new characters that will be the main important thing to do in the game

In addition, you will also be tasked to unlock some new characters from the comic strip available in the game such as Jon, Squeak, Odie, Nermal, Dicky, Bear, Mailman, etc

Garfield and Jon can be unlocked by Default at the beginning of the game
Squeak: Unlocked for free as you progress through the game
Then, when reaching level 5 in this game, you can unlock Odie
You can unlock Nermal and Dicky when you have got 50 Lasagnas
Meanwhile, you will be able to get Mailman unlocked when you reach level 5 for 12,000 coins
You can then unlock Binky after you get level 5 for 120 Lasagnas
In order to get Arlene, you must unlock Area 3 and unlock Area 4 to Billy
Just try to level up then to unlock Pooky character

Furthermore, this game will offer new characters to be unlocked in future updates
For such reasons, you must save up your lasagnas for unlocking the new ones.
Every character here will bring new quests to the game and new animations as well.


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