Koins Cheats to Get Rare Gold Heroes Cards in Mortal Kombat X iPhone

NetheRealm Studios has presented Mortal Kombat X for the iOS and Android platforms in the complex fighting favor where this game also features simple swipe controls to move your heroes

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Anyway, this game is about to place the emphasis on card collection or kard kollection, where you will be able to gather bronze cards, containing some basic characters in nameless and faceless, or you can try to get the silver and gold cards that will provide more characters critical to the canon and Mortal Kombat classics.

In line with this, the store will serve anything including some cards that you want to collect
In the store, just go to the kard pack section and find many packs for purchase.
You can get the Kombat pack as the best packs, that will earn you one gold character plus two other random cards
With this pack, you will have a chance of another silver and gold card or two.
Getting the Kard Pack will provide you one silver character plus two randoms
And, getting the Alliance Pack will provide you a random with a chance at getting a silver or gold.

Later on, you can simply go to the Character section of the store to pick out specific characters
Unlike the kard packs, you will mostly need koins rather than souls in order to get them.

At that point, just scroll to the right a bit to access the silver cards
In the mean time, scroll even further to the right to find the gold cards.
Anyway, some of the gold ones will cost koins while you will need souls to get most of them.

Alternatively, if you want to get rare fighters outside of the store, you can go to Challenge Mode that will give you an opportunity to win a unique featured character if you can win a specific battle.
There, you must beat all of the towers within the challenge mode and you have to complete this before the time-limited event ends.
And, it will highly be recommended to put all of your energy into these sorts of events.

On the other side, taking part in daily events will give you similar rare rewards.
In order to get rare rewards, you must play in the single player mode to unlock them
Also, you will be able to play daily towers, with a chance at getting rare characters as a reward.
Meanwhile, guest character towers will also have a slim chance at these kind of rewards.
Furthermore, you can join a faction or a ladder tournament in order to get an access of good rewards.

In addition, you can also have a chance to get koins for free
At this point, you can try to purchase or rent the console version of this game so that you can link the two up.
Some actions completed in the console version will give you an access of earning you a bunch of koins
Besides, you will also be able to collect a large number of bonus characters to play with.
In accordance with this, you will need to connect to a WBPlay account to manifest this
Once doing so, you will be able to earn big rewards from the konsole version of this game.


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