King`s Command Cheats Strategy Guides Android

Nexon has continued to launch their newest game again named King`s Command that you can play on the ios and android platforms

king`s command walkthrough ios android

This game is all about a classic fantasy world, and it brings a Real-time Strategy genre based on the fierce power struggle between the 3 kingdoms.

In this game, you will guide your heroes and get involved in the real time PvP battles where you will compete with other players online

In the battlefield, you can customize tech-trees through resources collected through battles
Along the game, you can pick 3 heroes out of 18 as their central troops
Then, you can strategically run troops by customizing the organization of the supporting troops of your heroes

The battle in this game is based on strategy and tactics, Realm
To battle with enemies, you can use the weapons ranging from Siege Ladders, Battering Rams, Catapults to other siege weapons to create a strategic thrill there

When playing this game, be sure to check the 10-day login streak reward along with the daily rewards, in which login streaks will be counted only when the user has successfully logged in the game.

Goals in this game is a kind of a system of rewards given to the player according to their conditions and number of rounds they have played.

In line with this, the achievement conditions will be divided into Custom, Member and Contents, and better rewards which will be given to the players as they reach their goals.

On the other side, the ranks of Realm and Strategy will be categorized into 7 tiers.
In Strategy rank, Fame will rely on the results of the Ranked battles
And, when Fame points reaches 100 points, a promotion battle will be there.

Meanwhile, in the Realm rank, the ranking points will be based upon the results of the deploy battles.
Later on, you can check The Record numbers of Realm Battles in the Record menu icon in the very right side of each battle

In other hand, one hero in the game can have up to 5 troops.
Then, when hero has 5 troops, the auto-production function will not produce additional troops even when it is active.
But, if the troops die, or more heroes are added, the auto-spawn function will fill the missing quota of heroes.

If you get another user attacked your territory during the Realm battle, the territory’s buildings or units will not be destroyed at all.

In line with this, building equipment such as traps can be used only once and they will need to be repaired or replaced after being used once.

Strategy in this game is a content in that Real-time simulation battles can be fought, and the heroes and units will be controlled during the battle manually.

In strategy battles, you can fight against opponents by collecting resources and stacking up building tech-trees to train troops.

Realm in this game is a content in that you can develop your territory to fight opponents in siege warfare.
In accordance with this, you can crate different troops and siege weapons based on the development levels of the territory

And, in siege warfare, pre-placed troops will go to battle in automatic
Also, you can simply set the targets by double tapping them during that time.


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