Keys Stars Cheats for Secret Characters in Down The Mountain iPhone

Down the Mountain, developed by sven magnus can be categorized into a unique and fast-paced arcade game
Here, all you will do is to go down the mountain as far as possible for keys and stars

down the mountain walkthrough ios android

When performing your action, you will have to avoid avoiding the obstacles, broken ground, bombs and bad guys scattered everywhere on the scree while collecting stars and power ups, that you can use to complete missions, and unlock new hidden characters as you go.

As said earlier, you will also have to get some keys and stars in each stage
In accordance with stars in this game, you can wait for another free spin
To get such spin, you can do the time lapse trick
Just set the time ahead on your phone by six hours after doing a spin.
Afterward, go back to the game, you will then have another free spin available for you.
Later on, if you want to get free spin, you can do this trick

In order to get stars, you will have to try completing each given mission
Besides, that mission will also allow you to unlock a ton of secret characters
Sometimes, you will earn a secret character where you have completed on every fifth mission.
Then, you can unlock them more when you have every completed tenth mission.

According to this, stars will be worth a whole lot of points.
Getting more stars will make you set personal records on each stage.
In line with this, you will have to look at least four or five rows below where you belong
For such reasons, you can always plan your next move.

Furthermore, you will be able to unlock the other characters by opening the mystery box.
At this point, you will need keys to open it.
In order to find keys, you can get them within stages as you drop down, but they will rarely come up though
Always search for them anywhere since they are really useful in this game.

Always stay alert of the poison tiles
It is caused by, the only path that you can go is on a poison tile.
If you hit a poison tile, you will die in about 10 seconds.
To deal with this, just look down the stage for the antidote, a potion, then be sure to collect it to heal yourself so that you can step on the other mission.



  1. Dude we know that already. But there are four secret characters. I unlocked three of them but still left first one. These secret characters opening by dying with an opened character. But i still couldnt find which character opens that secret one. And a gift to you. Izzy opens puga. Horace opens glitter (unicorn). Nippy opens johnny. Pls someone tell me

    • What did you have to do for those characters to unlock the secret ones? By that i mean when you died a certain way with izzy it gave you puga, what do you have to do with qwerty to get the robot, etc???

      • For me, I don’t know how I got Retrobot… I was just playing as him and got a high score (around 200). I also unlocked him twice somehow.. lol

        When I was playing as Izzy, I got hit by a car an that’s how Puga was unlocked..

        When I was playing as Nippy, I either fell on a spike or fell off the mountain and that’s how Johnny was unlocked.. I forgot how I got Glitter from Horace though.

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