Keys Coins Cheats in Rogue Racer iPhone

Rogue Racer from babaroga will bring you to experience in the ultimate and custom racing in the inner of city streets.

rogue racer walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to race with some incredibly detailed car models, high frame rates, and dense racing environments.

To test your skill, you can compete against cutthroat AI racers that dynamically match your skills in 3 exciting game modes namely Street, Time-Attack, and Elimination.

In order to get the best performance with your car, you can then customize any of the 24 unique tuners, Euros, muscle cars, and hot rods with rims, spoilers, exhausts, intakes, decals, paintjobs, and even neon ground effects that will make your car have different look during the race.

Here, you can also select your car between small and big cars
Tow Truck and the default car will be both smaller vehicles in the game.
You can try to race with the Tow Truck that is the smallest but it will need 1200 coins so just purchase this vehicle as the initial action.

Also, you will really need small car for this to work efficiently.
When starting the game, you can align your vehicle in the broken lines of the road or called lane marker.

When being in the race track, you can simply press accelerate and go at full speed
In the mean time, try to avoid an Ambulance, Fire Truck or a Bus that you can do by just going to the opposite for a few inches or brake if there is an vehicle at the opposite lane.

Using Tow Truck will be good as it will be easier to dodge and to align or realign your car in the lane marker.

On the other side, you will be tasked to get more coins and keys along the game
At this point, you will get coins after completing each race and the coins you will earn will be based on how much score you have gained in each race

So, the main point is to race as long as you can to get more score that will come to more coins
Sometimes, you will also be granted with keys after completing each race successfully


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