Keys Coins Cheats in Racing Fever Android

Gameguru will take you to experience in high speed driving without any limits that you can do in the game of Racing Fever, as endless driving game for android and ios soon

racing fever walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will be allowed to select your favorite camera among 3 options
And, you will also can race through 4 different themes in 4 different game modes.

Your main goal here is to drive your car and speed over 100KMH
If you can go for that speed, you will gain points by the near misses
Moreover, you can even multiply the points that you have collected by doing some near miss combos.

On the other side, you can also get some coins by racing at high speeds or on the wrong lane.
Once collecting enough coins, you can use them to unlock new cars or customize them with new colors, vinyls, rims and you can even upgrade the cars.

Later on, you will get coins after a single run
Anyway, some factors will also affect how much coins will you get
Your coins will be determined with score where it is based on your distance + near miss + bonus multiplier
To increase the coins, you should increase the bonus multiplier by doing near misses.

Distance is your distance travel and you will get some coins average on this one.
Near Miss will work on when you are in a High Speed driving.
You can collect some coins based on how many near miss you can make.
At this point, near miss will give you more coins than Distance if you can survive longer.

Meanwhile, if you can speed over 100KMH and above, you will be rewarded with gold coins.
Also, driving your car on wrong lane will provide you a little amount of coins
You will be given with some coins, even if you drive at the wrong lane all the time.

Playing in two way will be hard compared to the other modes.
Furthermore, playing in one way and time attack will be the same when you are playing in one way lane but it differs with the Time Attack conditions.

This game will also give you free car that you can realize by collecting 3 Keys
To get those keys, you can simply enter 3 Keys that you can get from your friends and you can use them to get the car for free.



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