Keys Coins Cheats in Oddwings Escape iPhone

Oddwings Escape from Small Giant Games is like endless flying game where you simply guide the birds fly through some environments to rescue their friends while collecting some gold coins and keys for three stars

odwings escape walkthrough ios android

Always try to stable your flight with gentle finger movements.
At this point, do not move your finger too much or you will risk swinging out of control
Also, you can move your finger ever so slightly that will help you track coin trails better and keep you stable.

Early on this game, you will guide Frankie as your starting character
Every time you are in a flight, you will see trails of coins for you to collect.
Be sure to manage to collect all of them in the trail to get a perfect bonus, which grants you an extra 5 coins

Once collecting enough coins, you can unlock your next character and upgrade Frankie in 4 different ways from speed, energy, turning, to magnet.

Speed makes Frankie fly faster
Energy increases your energy
Turning makes your movements sharper
Magnet affects the magnet power up.
At initial upgrade, you must focus on energy and speed

When playing the free flight levels, you will unlock challenge levels that will get you to get three stars to earn on them.
Just try completing a specific objective to get a star
And once you do it, you are rewarded with coins

You will also need stars to unlock later challenge levels
For such reasons, you must complete all the objectives and try to double check the objectives, as some levels will come along with unique objectives like avoiding hearts

When running out of energy, there are no hearts within seeing distance
In line with this, you can fly as high as you can then start gliding.

Even when you are about to run out of energy you can still glide gently down, that will possibly give you enough time to reach another heart.
Also, make sure to angle yourself downward once you run out of energy

Along the game, you will see yellow lightning bolt floating around.
If you see this, just grab them to let your character fly freely at an increased speed, regardless of how much energy they have left.
Using them will be handy for the time attack challenge levels and they will even save your life if you manage to grab one while running out of energy in each stage


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