Keys Cheats in Push&Escape Android

Cherry&Banana has presented a new Domino puzzle game, Push and Escape the you can play only on android device recently and it may go to the ios in the next update.

push and escape walkthrough ios android

Playing this game will bring you to put your brains to the ultimate test where you will simply move, lift, and push 11 different types of Dominos to knock down the final Domino to get the exit and to go to the next stage
The main point is to remember your way out and get out of there by moving certain dominos

The final domino must be knocked over and it cannot be moved.
You can try to move in one direction continuously until it meets the next domino.
Here, wall dominos, bomb dominos, terrain dominos, up dominos, delay dominos will not be able to stop the infinite dominos.

Wall domino cannot be knocked over in which it will repel any dominos.
Up domino will merely climb up until it meets the ground above in which ground domino will turn into ground to make land.

When playing with split domino, if a domino falls down on top of another domino, this bottom domino splits into two.

You can also have bomb domino that destroys ground.
Also, you can apply force and delay domino will fall down slowly.

With hidden domino, you can apply force to make it vanish.
Meanwhile, zero gravity is not affected by ground.
And, applying force will make it disappear there.

Sometimes, you will not know to step into the exit
For such reasons, you will really need a key to unlock the domino that will guide you to the exit door
In line with this key, you may be asked to get it from the store
But, you may ask your friends to send you a key as the solution to unlock the next stage


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