Keys Cheats Dear Diary The Secret of Anna iPhone

Dear Diary An Interactive Story About Anna’s Secrets from Tapps Technologia will take you to Anna`s life story and her daily life

dear diary walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will control Anna Blake by helping her make some important choices, that will completely and permanently change her destiny from failed classes to super-successful dates

Anyway, to make her succeed, it will be based on the choices that you make
So, make friend with Anna and join her in all the amazing adventures along the game

During the game, you will need keys to unlock new pages.
In line with this, to see the next page in Anna’s diary, you must use a key.

To get such keys in this game, you will be awarded at a slow pace of one per day
For such reasons, you must be very patient while making some decisions to progress through the story.

In order to get keys for free, you can take advantage of the free offer
This offer will be in form of watching a video ad to get a free key

Also, you can get keys by doing the time lapse cheat where you have to manually set the time forward one day.

To do this, just go to Date and Time on your phone setting and uncheck the Set Automatically option.
Afterward, you can set the date manually one day forward.
Now, you can go to the game, you can grab one key for your collection.

Later on, you can now set the time back to normal again, then play the game.
For further, if you need free keys in this game, you can repeat the above actions.

Doing above method is free to get more keys in this game
But, since the developer make money form this game through keys and ads, you can pay for more keys that are sold in bundles of 5 pages in a pack.

Sometimes, you will be served with the advertisement while you are playing this game
In order to get rid of them, you can set your phone into airplane mode
Since you set your phone into this mode, you will not see the free offers containing advertisement videos that will give you free keys

Again, if you really appreciate someone else`s work, you can purchase ad removal from iaps
By doing so, you have helped developed make money from this game so that they can continue to make some future updates that will make this game more fun to play with


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