Key Cheese Cheat in Hamster Balls iPhone

Creative Mobile`s Fun Factory presented Hamster Balls Bubble Shooter game, in that you will simply match 3 or more color balls to pop them

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In this game, your main objective is to help your cute hamster friends namely Timmy, Runner, Psycho, and Wisenheimer reach their home while you will also have an exciting adventure, full of dangers, obstacles, and tricky balls

To help your friends, you should discover how the hamsters’ special skills will be useful with their ball-popping abilities.

In line with this, Wisenheimer can control balls with the power of his mind and he can also clean the dust off his telepathic helmet.
Meanwhile, Timmy has also skill that can operate the bubble shooter cannon, then you must upgrade the equipment on his running wheel and produce bombs.

Besides, you will also have to rescue lab flies and other creatures which are trapped inside balls, so that you will get the highest score in each level

To play this game for the first time, you simply tap on the screen to aim, then release your finger to shoot the balls on the screen.
At this point, you must match at least three balls of the same color to pop them.
Here, the balls can bounce off the side walls.
You can also swap the balls while aiming with your other finger by tapping the cannon.

After getting enough cheese, you can use them to upgrade the Lab Equipment that will help your hamsters in completing each mission.

The Cannon in this game can produce Chameleon Balls from time to time ans they can take the color of the ball.

Later on, you will be in puzzle levels, where you have a limited number of balls in the cannon.
At this phase, you must think carefully before moving and watching at a remaining balls number.
During the game, you can make some combos moves that you can do by shooting fast, matching and popping the balls with every shot, in which it will make your score get multiplied at once

Furthermore, you should match high endurance balls with the balls of their color to break their shells and tum them into regular colored balls because they have an additional layer of glassy armored shell that cannot pop as easily.

You can use color bomb to pop all the balls of the same color once it hits on the screen.
Laser beam here will have a function to mark the border that balls must not cross.
Then, when the balls go down dangerously close to it, it will start shining.
For such reasons, just get ready for a real laser blast, if you let the balls cross the line

Every time, you match the balls on the screen, you will see safe key within the ball
And, you can find these keys inside the balls on some levels that you can use to unlock Safes with the next experiment plans.
For further, you must collect Keys by making a match with the balls that have them.
But, you do not need to explode or drop the balls with Keys inside

In addition, this game will offer you free stuffs that you can get by logging in and playing the game daily.
To get these free stuff, you can do this following tricks.

Firstly, close your Hamster Balls game by either restarting your phone or by turning it off through your task manager.
Secondly, just set the time in advance for 1 day or more.
Now, you can open the game again and you will get your daily rewards because of this.
Next time, if you want to collect instant daily rewards, just complete the step 1-3 and follow the instructions carefully.

After, getting your free stuff, you should to go back at your current date
Now, open Hamster Balls game but do not play a single game.
Close the game by either restarting your phone or turning it off through task manager on your phone
Afterwards, you can go to settings then change your time and date to your current time and date based on your region.


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