Katopoins Coins to Unlock New Vehicles in Crazy Cars Chase iPhone

Touchten has a unique game which is the combination of Grand Theft Auto and Crossy Road that you can play both on the ios and android devices

crazy cars chase walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to run away from the cops for as long as you can while collecting some gold coins and get katopoins to get real-life rewards
With all coins collected from the game, you can use them to unlock new cars

If you can survive in a stage where you can run away from the cops for longer, you will get more stars or points as reward

These stars will also refers to more different cars which will start chasing your car
You will vans, helicopters, and any other cars chasing yours
Sometimes, you may find gods to throw lightning bolts once you can pass the 7-star mark.

On the other side, you can get more stars fast, where you get to destroy cop cars chasing you in a straight line
If you see them trying to get you, you can try to make a tight turn to cause them to start crashing into each other.
Making tighter turn will make them more cluster and crash into each other.

Again, you must make fast passes in between buildings which will make them smash into each other.
In the mean time, you can try combining a building evasion with tight turns so that you can make them collide with a number of cop cars.

If you see cop cars to chase yours, be sure to make a tight turn before you are about to hit the water It is caused by, they will go splashing into it
And, if you have enough health, try to ram into them head on
Or, you can do T-bone to wreck them

As said earlier, you will also have to get some coins to unlock new cars
In accordance with this, coins and katopoins can be said as the main currencies of the game.

Coins are primarily to purchase new cars.
Katopoins can be said as some real-life offers that you can find in your nearby area.
These offers will reward you with some bonuses in related to the game


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