Jumping Tricks to Get High Score in Roller Polar iPhone

Nitrome has presented Roller Polar that can be said as a one-touch simple action game where you will guide white bear to jump while avoiding any incoming obstacles along the way

roller poalr basic walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to stay alert of the obstacles and make sure to lead that crazy polar bear to victory

In related to obstacles, rocks are the most common one that is pretty easy to avoid, in which you will simply time your jump correctly.

Besides rocks, you will meet trees which will be the cause for your first couple of deaths as they roll back up the snowball pretty quickly
Moreover, they are extra tall, that will get you to double your jump to pass over them safely.
However, they will eventually start showing up in between rocks, which can make things tricky.

You will also meet vary animals in different size here, such as penguins and beavers which are as big as rocks
But, you will be easy to dodge them, but the reindeers have big antlers that you get to hurdle over.
Make sure to keep your eyes open on the birds as they will either come straight at you, or slightly above you, while trying to punish any random jumps you make.

Throughout the path, you will often see snowmen which are probably the most dangerous obstacles in this game, but they are rarely to come up.
Usually, when you meet with these guys, they will start out in full form when they first enter the snowball, reaching as tall as a tree.
Once jumping over them, they will break down one snowball and be a little taller than a rock.
At that time, they will also break down into their boot and hat, that you must avoid at all cost.

In order to jump correctly, you must consider to balance between looking ahead and watching the snowball
whereby the obstacles will usually come in sets.
Once a set is complete, you will know that there is a slight pause in between the next set of obstacles.
Therefore, you must keep your eyes shifting from the left side of the screen to the right side.
At the same time, always watch the left side so that you will know what will be coming up next
And, be sure to watch the right side so that you can see what will roll up the snowball.

From the beginning, always plan and time your jumps, as you might not get a second chance to do it
Every time you perform your action, some sets of obstacles will always be laid out in a fashion where you get to pass over the entire thing in one jump.
Anyway, if you mistime it beforehand, you will not get a second chance
So just think and watch carefully then jump quickly

In addition, similar to the other endless runner game, you will have to gain high scores.
For such reasons, just practice to make your jump correctly and test your reflexes.


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