Jump to Get High Score Coins in Gopogo iPhone

Gopogo from Nitrome can be said as a new pogo-stick bouncing game which is dedicated to the iOS platform recently.

gopogo walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to go through the various levels by aiming your pogo stick and bouncing from one platform to another from endless mode to the level-based mode.

Here, you will have to learn the basic gameplay that is to aim the stick in the right way
To do this, just start leaning very gently to the right so that you can work your way forward on the platform.

When guiding the stick to the right side of the platform, you must try aiming all the way to the right to launch your character onto the next platform.
Note that, before making any landing, be sure to do a small bounce.

Meanwhile, you will sometimes deal with enemies on the levels
To deal with this, you must be careful to avoid them as they will kill you instantly if they get you.

At the same time, you will also be able to bounce on top of them if you land on them with your stick.
When you see an enemy on a platform, be sure to leave the platform quickly
If they walk toward you, you must jump over them onto the other side of the platform.

In the mean time, you will also get to earn coins through a level
With all coins you collected through levels, you can use them to get new characters.

Anyway, your new characters will not perform special abilities
But, they will give you a different look when yo are playing through levels

Furthermore, you can then tap the flag icon to go to the level-based mode.
In this mode, your score will be based on how many coins you complete them with

On the other side, every playthrough will need one pogo stick.
And, if you run out of pogo sticks, just go back to the endless mode to get the pogo sticks there

In addition, you must always watch out and learn different types of platforms.
The gray stone ones platform will crumble as you jump on them
And, if you hit them three times they will break at a time

Later on, you can then play in the gold platform which will move downward each time that you jump on them.
Playing in green platform will make you move from side to side so you must hop to keep up with them to go playing in that level.


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