Jump Sheep to Reach High Score in Sheeperzzz iPhone

Ketchapp has just launched their new endless running and jumping game, called Sheeperzzz on the apple store, where you will guide a sheep in attempt to get to sleep.
Every time, you perform your action, you will have to jump over some obstacles and other sheep

sheeperzzz walkthrough ios android

To do it well, be sure to tap the screen as fast as you can
You can also make a short jump while your sheep is in the air just before you want them to jump

In order to do a double jump, just tap and hold the screen for a longer period of time
Having double jump will be useful to cross over long distances
And, if you use them to cross short distances you will jump right into another obstacle.

Later on, if you go farther, you will be followed by more sheep
Note that, every time you jump over each sheep without hitting it will jump along behind you.
When going to jump the fat sheep, you can try to use a double jump to pass by

The main point to play this game is to get more sheep to follow you after you have jumped over them.
Besides, you will also get score point based on your action
Thus, just try to jump over the sheep as much as you can to get high score in this game


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