Jump and Solve Puzzle in Super Dangerous Dungeons iPhone

Super Dangerous Dungeons from Jussi Simpanen will get you to guide your character through a series of dungeons that you can play on the phone

super dangerous dungeons basic guides apple watch

In your journey, you will go through some dungeons consisting of increasingly more dangerous sets of obstacles, then deal with boss characters, and solve puzzles

Along the game, all you will do is to jump from one room to another
In line with this, each room has its own obstacle and boss character

At first, you will be brought to go in the roughest room in each dungeon, such as in the green dungeon
Here, you will have to escape from a giant smiley-faced boulder rolling through the whole dungeon.

When performing your action, your character can jump at various heights from one platform to another.
In order to do so, you can tap on the screen quickly to make a short jump.
Then, tapping for a little bit longer will make your character jump higher or longer while running

When dealing with obstacle in the room, be sure to do the right type of jump to pass a difficult obstacle at that room

Sometimes, your character will slide a little bit after you stop, so you must be ready for that moment.
In the mean time, always prepare for the floats and the slides by correcting in the other direction a little bit.

Anyway, this game is not bringing any purchase cosmetics in iaps
But, you may find the ad pop up on the screen while you are playing it

In order to get rid of the ad, you can purchase the as removal from iaps to show your appreciation of someone else works
But, if you want to get rid of the ad for free, you can simply set your phone into an airplane mode


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