Join Events to Get Diamonds Gold in Lord of Heroes iPhone

If you like playing any rpg on mobile, ios and android, you may have to play Lord of Heroes in which all heroes seem to be similar to Dota 2 heroes

lord of heroes walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide a band of heroes to go through many events that will give you a bunch of rewards such as gold and diamonds

Early on the game, you will go to Elite Battle event where you will prove your strength to the Boss on an Elite Expedition.

In Trial’s Day event, some heroes in the Trials dungeons will test your strength.
Here, AII battles in Trials will be available during this event.

Then, Labors’ Day event will make your slave hand over to double reward
Register and Bind event will get you to complete account registration and email binding which will reward you diamond for free

Be sure to log in the game daily to get rewards such as gold and diamonds.
When you made your first purchase in the game, you will get great bonus including 3 time diamonds rewards

And, when you make a purchase in new server bonus, you will get to purchase the specific item for the day.
In chicken run, you will escort chick to get rewards.

On the other side, you will also get rewards when reaching certain specific levels.
If you can reach higher level you will get bigger rewards

In order to get more diamonds, you can get them every day up to 30 days when you purchase a pack.
Also, try to make consecutive days of purchasing specific items to get more rewards including diamonds and coins.


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